New hat!

Vintage lounge and sleep wear makes for great daywear sometimes, like this 1940s oriental blouse. I love embroidered dragons, and the golden thread on the blue is stunning! I also just ordered a box of hats from Nikie Frye, and in it was this 1940s beauty. I love the bonnet style hats from this era, but they can be difficult to find, especially at a price I can afford. This one and the victorian toppers that came with it are just amazing.
Shirt-The Urban Eccentric
Hat-Nikie Frye

Ok, I still havent packed for California tomorrow, I should do that...


Kim Caro said...

what where in ca will you be? i am in oc. near disneyland!

Solanah said...

Ooo, fun!

I'll be going to the San Diego area, we're planning on stopping by Coronado and Balboa park, I'll post lots of pictures!