You cant have this.

I went to my local thrift shop this morning, the Discovery shop of the American Cancer Society. Even though each day of the week there are different volunteers they all know me, I go in at least three times a week, and the women there are absoloutly charming. Today I found two vintage coats, one 70's style with the fur collar, and this beauty, a 1950s swing coat in black, white, and red tweed. I was going to list this in my Etsy shop, but once I put it on I just felt too cool, look at the back!
Plus it has the label on upside-down, a little designers marketing trick during the mid century, done so that when you drape your coat over a chair or your arm, the label is right side up for all to read.
Clever huh?


Forever Foxed said...

I never knew that was the reason for labels being upside down! You learn something new every day!

moxylyn said...

I never knew that about the labels!

High Desert Diva said...

I love the back of that coat!