There is no parade today.

I am constantly asked if I am in a theatre production.

"No, I am not."

In the summer its usually parades.

"What parade?"

And now that its October, well, Halloween is on everyone's mind.

"Yes, I understand Halloween is three weeks away."

Its becuase I dress head to toe in vintage dresses, hats gloves, purse, and to top it off, cherry red lipstick. And I'm not alone. Girls around the world (and guys) are captured by the same fascination of the past and its fashion as I am. There are so many reasons to be more inclined to dress vintage than modern, sometimes its becuase of a unique find, other times its becuase something will fit you so perfectly. With vintage we can be avant garde in fashion, we can look like a million dollars without spending it. We can weed out yesterdays failed trends to find our own style on our own terms, for vintage has had the benifit of time to let the real gems shine through.

So here is the beginning of a blog for girls who wear vintage, live vintage, and those who occasionally pop into the local thrift shop and find something wonderful. Becuase thats where it all starts!

This blog will be filled with photos of fabulous outfits, vintage clothing care, beauty how to's, and anything else that can pop into this vintage life :)



Anonymous said...

Ooh I will become an avid reader! Love that beret, unfortuntely, hats don't suit me, but if I did wear hats, I would want a sequin beret!

Anonymous said...

So! Good on ya, eh? I too am a celebrity of vintage clothing association in my own mind And so what? I love my look, and I don't care what others think of me. So yeah, vintage rocks my socks, and I am always happy to meet other ladies and gents who rock it like there's no tomorrow!

April said...

beautiful photo!

SusiePrue said...

when i was in my 20s, people used to come up to me and my then-boyfriend in random places and say, "i have a friend who's taking swing dance classes." we would just stare at them blankly, as if we were waiting for them to continue but they usually just looked embarrassed and walked away. the boring folks always try to find some excuse for us, a way to explain why we aren't dressed like them. it was easier for them to believe that we were going out dancing than that this was how we always dressed. so funny!

market publique said...

I just discovered your blog and etsy store and they are fabulous! I love the pink background you are using on your photos and I wish everything you have listed fit me. Consider me a daily reader from now on! Check out mine when you have a chance: http://blog.marketpublique.com. I will feature your store on it soon!

Andrea Eames said...

I've just spent an hour reading through all your blog posts over my morning coffee, and I love it! So inspiring, and you have such wonderful style. Thanks! :)

Andrea xx

Andrea Eames said...

Oh, and would you like to trade links? :)

reilly said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and have been dutifully following it since. Check out my blog - I'm new to this but we seem to find inspiration from similar places! :]

Ivy said...

I think you're amazing. Even though this may sound 'stalker-esque', I will say it anyway :) I've spent yesterday and today going through every article on your site. Yep - too much time on my hands! But your taste is classy, interesting and feminine. I absolutely adore you, your style and your site :) I'll be checking back daily!

- Ivy

uniquegeek said...

I live a very blue collar city where very few people put any sort of effort into their dress. I think we have similar ideas about dressing up. I feel a bit like an odd duck here, but dammit, I LIKE looking good.

Putting some effort in just makes you feel happier. A good vintage piece adds some effortless caché. I wish more people would make an effort.

Sarah said...

Hey Solanah, I'm slowly going back and reading each and every one of your posts, starting right here at teh beginning! (Hope that isn't too stalkerish...) And what a lovely beginning it is! I'm really enjoying you older posts, it's nice to see where ou began and how you've progressed (and just quietly, it gives me hope that one day I'll eb teh blogging extraordinare you are!)