Itsy-Bitsy Spider.

I most likely wont be wearing this crocheted 30's dress again this year since the cold weather is slowly but surely working it's way here. My spiders name is Mr. Beaumont, he's the best spider ever.
Dress- Montecello
Shoes-Gray Brocket
Brooch and Hat-The Urban Eccentric


Maeve said...

Hi Solanah!
I bought some lovely clothes from you a few weeks ago and profiled your etsy - thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I really like youre so I'm going to link you - hope that's ok :)

Kelly Anne Dalton said...

That pin is awesome!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that pin!

Coffeemonkey said...

Those shoes are so cute! Love the pairing with that cute crocheted dress. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

That's a wicked spidey on your collar there little missy. He's a cutie though, no doubt about it.