Day three, Encinitas

Sorry about the late post, internet didnt work last night.
Yesterday we spent most of the day in Encinitas, going from thrift shop to thrift shop, and finding something in each one. I got lots of great stuff for myself, and some really fabulous stuff for my shop.

This sign was in the first thrift shop we went to, I thought it was pretty funny.

I soooo wanted these christian louboutins, but where on earth could I wear them? Someone invite me to a dinner party.

These were too cute, but Marc Jacobs makes uncomfortable shoes.

All the treasure I found.

I bought a duck sweater. Mom hates it. I love it.

I got these two dresses and then another really cool 70s one to put on my shop. They dont fit, or else they would stay with me forever. Grab 'em while they're hot ladies :)


SusiePrue said...

what a great haul! not only are you out enjoying the sunny weather away from the frigid northwest but you seem to have hit the vintage jackpot. please elaborate on the booth with the prom dresses (i'm such a sucker for a poofy skirt!)

deadherozine said...

Ha Ha! Of course Mom hates that Duck Sweater, cuz it's totally rad!

Solanah said...

I'm going back there today, so I'll take some pictures for you susie :)

I know! And it has a big duck on the back. I have some old duck barkcloth, so I think I'll be making a skirt to match.

Kim Caro said...

le sigh...le sigh... and again le sigh... i need a fashion makeover. if yu ever decide to do one on one person in the world... please have me be the winner!

Anonymous said...

Indeed what Susie said! Wowzers what a great time you had! Missed you around etsy, but am so happy that you had a marvelous time!