Day Five, last day around town.

These old bones know how to have fun. Without skin.

Vote for Bond. James Bond.

Here ya go Susie ;) We should have a pretty dress tea party!

This tassled velvet cape was so cool! It had a hood! I'm thinking I should have one, maybe I'll make one. But most likely it will be pushed to the back of my mind along with other cool ideas.

Later in the afternoon we foud a TJ Maxx, and I found some great pairs of italian knit tights. In an effort to wear more skirts and dresses this fall and winter I've been stocking up on wool frocks and sweaters, and knit tights to wear with boots. As much as I enjoyed the sun (but got a bit pink today) I am excited to kick off the chilly season with my new threads. And even more important I miss my sweetheart! XOXO

Tomorrow when I get home I'll need to package what I've sold this week and get ready to list next week. My suitcase is overflowing, but thats nothing compared to moms. She still has a silver bowl and a set of four glasses to pack...yeah...wish us luck.


The Lone Diner said...

Wow, you've got a great eye for cool vintage!

Azhure said...

That first picture is hilarious! I want that hanging somewhere in my house so I can giggle whenever I walk past it!

Ravenswick said...

Love the skeletons! Elect James Bond--too funny. Great pictures.

SusiePrue said...

oh my word! pretty pretty pretty dresses.... it's a good thing i wasn't there or i'd wedge myself into the rack like a little kid and hug all those pretties as tight as i could! i love the hooded cape, too. i have one that my grandma left me. it's gorgeous but it's purple velvet and everytime i put it one, i have visions of prince in those tacky purple crushed velvet flares. it's prevented me from wearing it on several occasions. maybe it's time to customize it!

Solanah said...

I think everyone need a photo of those skeletons. They are the most enjoyable dead I've ever seen.

I'm so sick of the bunches of election signs everywhere, but this one is so old fashioned with the diagonal writing and thick cursive. Not to mention James Bond :)

I know Susie, you would have squeeled, all the ruffles!

You should re-vamp it and take pictures!

LostRiverRags said...

You have a great variety of vintage clothing. I love how you photo them!

Anonymous said...

OMG OMG OMG! The poufy foufy 50s dresses at your shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me want! Me wear! Woohoo! Lucky duck!

Sarah said...

Wow! I love that cape! Ever since you showed us your 1940's dressing gown, I'm obsessed with all things hooded! Must find one ASAP!