O christmas tree.

So I've been really excited to decorate the window at work in Christmas themes. This week I hadn't planned anything in advance so I was a little unprepared when I got to work, just brought a few ornaments, some wrapping paper, and a little vintage raindeer I bought for $1.50 at the Discovery shop. When in these type of situations I think of what I would do if I could to anything at all with whatever I want. And a Christmas tree dress came to mind. Why not find a full green dress and decorate it like a Christmas tree? I found this perfect green 1970s dress and layered it in three full petticoats and just wrapped a string of lights around it with ornaments hanging here and there. Then I wrapped some hatboxes and glass blocks in wrapping paper and finished them off with silk scarves and silk flowers. A little merchandise here and there, and voila!


Kim Caro said...

haha! too cute!

i like it alot :)

also i have to say, i would never have thought a huge top would look good on a skinny girl till you and your high waisted skirts. i must try this one day :)

Solanah said...

Thanks! I had lots of fun :)

Ooo, high waisted skirts are the best, especially if you find a top you love but just doesnt look right, you just tuck it in!

I've been considering doing a post on fashion fixes, such as what to do with too short sleeves, or a boring sweater. So many ideas, so little time :)

Ashley said...
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Anonymous said...

That is pretty darn cool

T.Allen said...

What a great idea! Kudos!

Millie Motts said...

What a clever idea!