Blue shoes and straw hats.

Flipping through the February issue of Vogue, I've noticed two trends that seem to grace everything from the magazines photo spreads, to the ads in between.

Blue shoes, and boater hats.

I've never actually been one to wear a boater, for summer I prefer the really wide brim hats, or fun florals. However these hats have appeared on so many runways for the spring season they are hard to ignore. I think the attraction is not only the hat itself, but how it is worn: tilted and forward. Much different from the traditional way of wearing it on top of the head, and ever so eye catching.

The other stand out accessory are deep sky blue shoes. Worn with all kinds of outfits and colors, they really have a fresh impact on footwear, more daring than navy. Colorful shoes in general are always so much more exciting than black, and I will always remember a scene in the film 'Chocolat" when Viannes daughter is angry at her mother because the children at school tease her for being different. She exclaims "Why cant you wear black shoes like all the other mothers!"
Louboutin like shoes from Rerun

I think everyone needs more color in their shoe wardrobe. Yes black goes with pretty much everything, and there are some really exciting styles out there, but that is precisely why daring colored shoes are less seen, and more appreciated.



The tilt of the tip of the hat, it what makes it look so smart.
The worst is watch one's front hairline creep forward as their hat slides back. How hat smart are you?

Love the blue shoes, too!

Twila Jean said...

ooo I am so guilty. I own tons of black. black black.

I want to wear color, but then I buy more black.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Love hats and the boater is style all the way! I am a shoe fiend and love color...probably because everything else I own is classic black or gray and they spice things up!

Lisa Sofia said...

I'm as guilty as Atomic Mama with all of the black. I have these incredible bright green sandals you gave me and I'm dying to wear them; I just forget to put them on when I grab my boring black ones (about a dozen pair)! The hats are indeed very smart looking!

Rochelle said...

I admit, I am in desperate need of colored shoes. I generally stick to red and black, that way purse, shoes, and gloves can all easily match. But ohhh those blue shoes are so tempting. So very, very tempting.

Anonymous said...

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