Confusing I know.

I'm at Sam's families house just as much as my own. Sometimes he's home, sometimes he's at work, but either way his family is always so fun and inviting there's never a dull moment. Tonight his mother Lisa pulled me aside for some assistance with a 1940s style photo shoot she has tomorrow. The big effect to get down was lighting, and we looked at old Hollywood portraits with dramatic contrast to achieve just the right effect. So I sat there in Sam's Led Zeppelin t-shirt, with my unstyled hair and makeup worn off and click-click went the camera. She worked on the above one in in photoshop and I must say worked wonders. Too bad I don't look like that every night.

Here is one from one of my first photo shoots with her with the same dramatic lighting effect.

One of my favorites is of Veronica Lake. Seriously.


Twila Jean said...

you look too cute in that first one!

I have a shoot booked this month for a 40s high contrasty lighting thinger. I am SOOOOOOO excited. those are some of my favorite portraits.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Lovely lighting! You look amazing!

LF said...

wow you look gorgeous-and the lighting-oh MY!