Trying out 1930s

I've been refraining from obsessing too much with the 30s, since it's incredibly difficult to find clothing and accessories from that era in America. It's such an overlooked decade because of the great depression, most frocks were worn until they could be worn no more, or crafty women reworked the fabric into children's clothes or aprons. While I applaud those women for their thrifty set of mind, I am also sad to know that as time goes on, 30s clothing becomes more and more rare.
I have one amazing 1930s dress that looks just perfect, but I am reluctant to wear it since it is so perfect and made of silk. I'd hate to be the one who ruined a rarity. But I wold like to take this interest farther, so I'm now on the search for 30s dress patterns, that way I can wear them without worry. Meanwhile this outfit is my attempt at a late 30s look, the big neck bow being my inspiration since I am constantly coming across old photos with that look, but always thought I needed a specific blouse for it. Then I realized I could just tie a long silk scarf under the collar, so now I'm going to obsess over long silk scarves. These things are so versatile.

Oh and this hat is spectacular. It's my mothers and has been sitting on display for much too long. I finally created an outfit to wear it with, and think I would be much less fabulous without it :)

Blouse-The bins.

Skirt-The Urban Eccentric

Hat and shoes-Mothers.

Purse-Discovery thrift shop.

Gloves and scarf-Who knows...


Twila Jean said...

are you not on the fedora lounge?
there is a section for just patterns. and there are quite a few girls who share pictures of their 30s patterns

eva dress has reprinted copies of 30s patterns for purchase too I think.
I have been meaning to sew a 30s day dress for a while now.. oh to have some time.. :)

Shay said...

Unless one is petite, using the real McCoy (actual 30's patterns) can be problematic. They are not designed for the larger modern frame and may need to be redrafted.

Are you familiar with the Vintage Sewing site? She posts old sewing books online. Her 30's books include a pattern company offering called "Paris Frocks at Home."


You also might want to check the pattern re-issues that McCall's, etc are doing although most of these are 40's and 50's.

Solanah said...

I'm not on the Fedora lounge, I don't think I have the right kind of email or something. But I do stumble upon the forums once in a while during google searches.

Thank for the link, I'll check that out :)

Unknown said...

I think you nailed the 30's look--- and I adore that hat!

Twila Jean said...

ok, now to stalk your blog..

I will post, another comment!
we need to make this dress! in many different fabrics. DELICIOUS!

Solanah said...

Oh thats darling!

Thanks for showing me the site, now I think I need to buy all the patterns.

Josephine Frances said...

Wow, you look fantastic! You really nailed the look. The bow looks great.

Anonymous said...

You look so cute! I see someone else has mentioned Eva Dress; that is one of the best places to find reprints of 30s patterns. I've been dying to order a few lately! :)

Twila Jean said...

oh yes, I want to buy all the patterns on there.

and yeah, I saw that blue dresso n ebay. is that not darling!??! and SUCH a good price, if My suit gets out bid I had considered bidding on it. but I think it might be a touch to big :*(

Rhiannon said...

Yeah, it's so '30s--I love it! And I love the idea of using long scarves as bows, too . . . :)

Rochelle said...

I adore your 30's look! You pulled it off really well. And that hat is to die for!

Shannon said...

Wow, I too was under the impression you had to have a certain type of blouse to do those bows. Now I am off to collect as many silk scarves as I can find!

PS: Found your blog from LiebeMarlene Vintage and I love you!