Good hair day.

Ok, I know it doesn't look fabulous and silky, but today was a good hair day. I usually wash it at night, sleep on it wet and wake up looking like a crazy woods woman, but its better than waiting for it to dry in the morning. Today was a rare day I showered in the morning, and had time to let it dry before going out in the cool February weather. Which by the way, is the best because its cold, so you can wear a coat, but also sunny, so you can wear sunglasses. It's a movie star look. Anyway, letting it dry naturally instead of curling it made me realize how long it's gotten since I started growing it out. I'm past that awkward stage just above the shoulders, and didn't break down and cut it! Yayyy! I also used mouse, probably excessivly since really I just wanted to watch that little dollop grow into foam, because for some reason thats how I spend my time when I should be walking to work...
Tomorrow Sam our friend Anna and I are going to Portland for a trip to Powells books. I know, I was totally there the other day, but trust me there's tons to look at. When I was at the Art Institute I checked out a book from the library all about gloves. It was so good and informative, from the 1940s or 50s I think, and ever since then I've been searching for it to buy. I wrote down the title somewhere...but thats just it. It's somewhere, and not right here. Don't you hate it when that happens?


Twila Jean said...

are you growing it out for the wedding?
i did that.. then i chopped it right after, silly me.

monday... i am tentatively planning an up north thrift free for all, if you have interest you are welcome to tag along with me and the cranky baby. i found a smallcluster of thrift stores about 45 mins away

Solanah said...

Yeah, not that I really know what I'll do with it, but I can cut it if I want.

Ooo, sounds so tempting! Sam's birthday is actually Sunday so I'll be with him Sunday night and Monday, I swear I usually have Mondays free, you always catch me on odd weeks ;)

But I want to come sometime! Maybe babycheeks will let me hold her so you can look at stuff with two hands, hehe.

Twila Jean said...

Man, tell him to stop having birthdays. hahahaha.

Ok, well you are missing out. I think?
I dunno I will let you know if it kicks ass(lady like talk) and I will go again.

but seriously I am talking like 7 thrift shops on 1 street.
its like thrift heaven.

but I dont really have any friends who love to thrift :( bahhhhhhhh. hahaha

Solanah said...

Ooo, sounds like thrift heaven! Yeah let me know, 'cus you have a thrifting buddy now, we just have to work on the getting out there together ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh ! so nice !
I love your blog and your style !