It is foggy.

Usually I see Portland. But not lately, I'm lucky if I see four blocks away. Today's a work day, and afterwards my boss Chris and friend Jen are meeting me there to re-arrange the shop. Long work day.

Ciao :)


Kim Caro said...

it was foggy here a tiny bit but has warmed up since.

Twila Jean said...

Hey, I am driving to P town tomorrow, for a thrift free for all(bins red white and blue and whatever else). I am leaving early though, if you feel up to go with me and margaux, you are more than welcome I can pick you up.
you can text or call me on local area code

hope the store looks awesome.

Solanah said...

Aw, thats so sweet of you to invite! I'd so love to but I'm actually going to send the day in Portland with my mom. And I just now got home from the shop, we rearranged everything and it looks so cool. I'm ready for a rest ;)

Give her a big hug for me, and let me know when you go next!


Tracee Sioux, Sioux Ink: Soul Purpose Publishing said...

Do you live in Portland? I'm so curious about Portland. I think it would be a great place to live. My only concern is the weather.