Lipstick and keys

When I was little, there were three things that defined being all grown up:

Lipstick, high heels, and lots of keys.

The lipstick is like a drug. The smell is intoxicating, so soft and warm, the scent is smooth and ladylike. I am not ready to go out the door without a precise swipe of lipstick, brightening up my face and outfit. If I'm having a bad hairday lipstick makes it look like a fashion statement, I call it runway hair, unruly but with a done up face, fashionable.

Only ladies know how to glide in high heels. Sure anyone can slip on a pair, but clunking down the street in an awkward balancing waddle is no way to go. The women who wear the really pretty Italian heels can sweep across the floor without missing a step, run down the street to get out of the rain, and look smashing all day, but never ever complain publicly about the pain they may endure.

As a little girl I remember all adults had lots of keys on their keyring. House, car, shed, work, storage, it's all so glamorous. Gradually from my mid teens my keyring has become more and more crowded, I'd love to have a reason to carry a skeleton key.

So there you go. I wear lipstick from morning to night, heels as best I can, and have lots of keys in my purse. What a grown up I am.


Twila Jean said...

when I buy our house, I am re-doing all the doors in the hosue with scrapped skeleton key/lock sets.
you can get them in portland!

we have the skeleton key locks in my house, but all the keys are missing :(

I love some lipstick!!!

Solanah said...

Oh how cool, that is a fabulous idea!

Yeah, we have them, too, but no keys :(

Kendra said...

I admire you. and your lipstick.

Lauren C. said...

I loved this post! I love lipstick too but am not sure if I'd look like I was trying to be to old wearing it. What age were you when you started wearing red lipstick??
I've started a collection of vintage skeleton keys. I think in my future house I am going to get one of those cheap little key racks, paint if a color I love and hang up all my vintage keys on it with vintage ribbon. It would be awesome to have them on a ribbon too!

Casey said...

Oddly enough, I had the same standards of "grownupness" as a child too. Now I've got all those things, but don't feel at all like an adult! lol.

Skeleton keys are so fun. My sister bought one a few years ago and fashioned a necklace around it. I'm dying to find some smallish ones to make a fun charm bracelet with!

Amanda #1 said...

I always thought that heel were so very glamorous and adult. So it should come as no shock that I was wearing 3 and 4 inch heels at 13, LOL.

I see red lipstick in particular as very grown up. I love it, but don't have the guts to wear it.

Solanah said...

Ummm, I think I was 15 or 16 when I wore lipstick regularly, but I wasn't really concerned with looking too old, hehe.

Although my friends still make fun of me for insisting on wearing red lipstick throughout a camping trip we took when I was 14 I think.

I love collections of skeleton keys, and necklaces sound so neat!

Twila Jean said...

LOL.. I just saw, we are the first two people to add hearts to that bakelite cherry bracelet. YUMMY!!!!

Solanah said...

Haha! Thanks funny, because I knew you would like it.

Bianca said...

love this picture

the crumpet girls

Kim Caro said...

I can imagine you with lipstick on lip & cheeks as a little girl waddling around in your mommies heels as a lil gal.