Embroidery craze.

I've started to do a bit of embroidery here and there. A nice productive project to do while watching tv. I'll be opening a new shop on Etsy soon called Velvet Needle of just reconstructed vintage and probably now a few embroidered pieces. So far I stitched a bird on a pretty blue skirt (The color!), and am working on a dress which only has the pink bow on the collar so far. No sure what I'll do next, I'm tempted to sew on some detailed pockets. Today Sam and I went to Portland and traded in some books at Powells. I'm still on the search for the ever elusive glove book, which was not there, but I did look through the needlework section of the store and was delighted to find a vintage needlework book full of embroidery, knitting, crochet, monograms, tatting, needlepoint, and smocking. It has everything I want to learn, and was even more excited when it was only $10! I specifically wanted to learn from a 50s or older book as I find they have more simple instructions and diagrams. Plus they are cuter. Am I the only one who understands vintage instructions better than modern ones?
We also went to one of my favorite vintage stores "Magpie". I was in search of something 1930s or 40s and did try on an adorable 30s dress with little stars and a sailor collar. So cute! But out of my price range, so now I really feel the need to make a dress from that 1930s pattern I got a while ago. I did however find these really cool 1960s sunglasses. They have so many great frames to choose from, and the sales girl and owner are always really nice and helpful, if you are ever downtown Portland I highly recommend stopping by.


reilly said...

Did you draw the designs yourself? So cute! I love embroidery, I've been wanting to open an Etsy taking unloved clothes with potential from thrift stores and adding embroidery, but I need the start-up funds, haha.

Unknown said...

That pattern is gorgeous. Gawd I wish I could sew! Your embroidery is fab too :)

Josephine Frances said...

I definately find older instructions easier to follow! I have an old book of 1950's patterns and I find that despite the fact the patterns themselves are quite alot more tricky than many modern garments, the instructions are simple and straightforward and make it easy to work out.

Casey said...

I'm definitely of the vintage instructions make more sense camp! :) But that may be due to all the books I used to teach myself crafts and sewing as a kid were pre-1975 (we used to buy a lot of used books).

I can't wait to hear more about your new shop! How exciting!!!