Toasters and apple pie

Today I was delighted to receive the toaster cover from Brittanynoel, and its oh so perfect, now all I need is a retro looking toaster to put under it. Along with the cover, she also sent along a lovely piece of fabric with a printed design on it, and an old photo with a sweet thank you note written on the back from her, what a cute idea!
This week I've just been trying to get over this cold, make the house more cozy, and fill up my Etsy shop, so far so good. For the first time since the Christmas season I've got over 120 items in my shop, my ultimate goal is 200, so it's climbing up there. Decorating is going quite well too, and I am loving the space I have for my merchandise, instead of packing everything together I get to spread things out end even hang up some of the nicer things in their own closet.

I also got to make an apple pie today, which turned out a bit overdone, I seem to over cook just about everything on this oven/stove, which will take some getting used to.

By the way, is anyone else watching Little Dorrit?


Twila Jean said...

macys has retro styled toasters .. I saw some the other day.

Kim Caro said...

hey at least you tried!

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

Hi Solanah! I got your apron a couple days ago. I can't wait to wear it :) This is so funny, I just did a post about my apron and then looked on my blogroll and saw your post!