Estate sale listings.

Here are pictures of listings to come this week. Everything but the sailor jacket came from the estate sale I went to, there was one more thing but it I put it on and really liked it sooooo....yeah. We'll see.

I need to start turning my head the other way.

And that top left outfit is so Madeline, dont you think?


Kerry said...

it is so very Madeline. I am really fond of the dress with the birds on it. (they are birds.. right?)

Sweetpaintedlady said...

Oh my!, all such beautiful items, I wish Estate Sales where a major thing here in New Zealand

Caroline said...

I love madeline~ so cute! I recently bought a cute sailor dress at a consignment store. so fun!

Unknown said...

I love the one with the hood; so chic!

Kim Caro said...

i totally nominate you for etsy's best dressed.

Solanah said...

Hehe, thanks Kim ;)

Yeah Kerry, birds all over! I love birds, and hopefully someone will love this dress.

Bridget said...

is this the estate sale of Betty Jayne McIntosh?


I also saw things posted here:


Pretty cool :)