Missed chance.

So there was this Estate sale today. I heard about it multiple times from customers coming into the shop, and my grandma even called me and told me about the thousands of outfits, hundreds of purses, fox fur coat, etc. Yes, thousands. She bought me a pair of shoes for my shop (size 5.5) I haven't seen yet, but they sound divine. My mother and I are going tomorrow, I'm sure I'll find some great things despite the mob that was there this morning (so I hear) but with so many things there must still be some treasures left. Sigh. I need to learn how to drive.


Bridget said...

I don't drive often (I live in Cambridge, MA, and having a car would be wicked expensive and a pain in the neck) - but it's a good skill to have, especially in case of emergency --whether this emergency be someone who is hurt or there is an estate sale going on :)

Twila Jean said...

I was there, I was on the waiting list to get in the door.
it was CRAZY

there were a few vintage dealers there too. grabbing all the stuff I was going for.
I left with about 125$ worth of stuff I am adding to etsy.
the shoes were tiny.
most of the clothes were from the 60s 70s
lots of MOD / mad men stuff.
The 40s 50s went quick, I only got 2 40s pieces and a handful of 50s.
now I just need to take pictures of it all. I have been measuring allllll night.

it was a fight to get anything there. that hosue was JAM PACKED.
I didnt see chris there though?

Solanah said...

Bah! I need more 40s 50s stuff. Maybe I'll find some things though.

Chris went to Eugene last night to thrift, probably back tonight.

Josephine Frances said...

That sonds so amazing! I wish we had estate sales here!

art deco dame said...

I don't drive either and at 27 its quite the thorn in my side but then my anxiety kicks in and wins unfortunately.

Abby♥ said...

that sounds like an awesome sale!
Me and my family went to an estate sale today, and found some awesome stuff!

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

Estate sale season is starting here in MI too! Sounds like there will still be stuff there when you get there :)

Lauren said...

That is awesome! Hopefully you'll make it and find some cool stuff as you always do! Was it just one estate with all that stuff? WOW! I went to an estate sale today. Come see my blog about it. You inspired me!

Kimberly D. said...

That sounds amazing! I would have gone crazy on that place!

Amy said...

wow that looks like my kind of sale to check out, I'd be in heaven.