Never too late

I went to the sale. Got 48 + pairs of vintage stockings for free because I bought so much. Yeah. Awesome. Pictures later.


Bridget said...

whoa excellent. i am super jealous.

Lisa Norman said...

I have never wanted to be another person so much in my life. ;-)

Josephine Frances said...


Twila Jean said...


that woman pisses me off.

There were NO NO NO Stockigns left.
there was a woman in front of me who got them all when I was desperately trying to climb over someone to get them.

after that, there were none left.

They must have put more out.
They made mention of boxes in the garage and needing to "re-stock" the racks of clothes.

Solanah said...

They had to have just been put out, becuase I could not believe they were there, especially after you had been there ;)

I cant wait to see what you got!

Twila Jean said...

oh well. that happens.

I made up for it. I stopped by this weird tweaker sale today, and got the most beautiful 40s dress with amazing handmade lace.

its a mess, and has some stains, and I had to repair much ofthe lace... its not suitable for sale, but it fits me like a glove. so I am happy :)

I like the new stuff in your shop!

Twila Jean said...

hahaha, I just noticed we both have shoes from that sale listed on etsy :) hahahah.
we are teh awesomez