Lazy Saturday

Today was kind of lazy, Sam and I just walked around town a bit and saw some friends. I dropped off a petticoat to The Metropolitan Housewife, who needs some poof for her Etsy listings. Cant wait to see what they are! I snapped some pictures of her too cute daughter playing in the ruffles, but of course forgot to take a picture of her, she looked adorable as usual. You'll just have to take my word for it ;)
Jen was re-decorating one of the window displays at work and I took this little bunny out of the Easter display to come home with me. His name is Bunnykins, and he's pretty cute. Now I'm off to go take some pictures to list, and later, Miss Marple!


Lauren said...

I think that dress is my favorite one you own...at least that I've seen!

Twila Jean said...

Yay! the pictures turned out awesome I will be listing tomorrow!

that is a cute picture of sam!
and a cute picture of Margaux!
and.. oh yes you and the bunny. LOL!

Thanks again Solanah!!!

Kitten loves vintage said...

You look really nice in that outfit, especially like the gloves and the handbag. Cute bunny too ;)

Josephine Frances said...

I love that dress so much!

Emilia said...

I love your dress and you handbag !!!It's so cute :)

Twila Jean said...

OMG. look how little margaux is!!!! blast from the past!