Which Goose? This Goose!

Sometimes you'll put together this great outfit, and it looks fine except....somthing's missing. You try on a hat, and it's just too heavy, you clip in a bow and well, thats just too light. What's the perfect in between decoration for your pretty little head? A natural crown from Which Goose of course!
The enchanting Emily has made nearly 2,000 sales since opening shop last year, and it's easy to see why. When wearing one of her crowns or combs the possibility of living with fairies or making friends with bunnies is realized. The crowns feel playful, whimsical, and oh so youthful. Did you ever tie daisies together and place them on your head when you were a little girl? Or perhaps you did that yesterday, either way they bring back that innocence that comes with exploring the possibilities of nature. These crowns and combs are perfect for making that everyday outfit unique, breathing new air into a tired wardrobe. They are also a wonderful alternative to a bridal veil, or something playful for your bridesmaids. So give Emily's shop a looksie, and imagine the fun you'll have wearing one of her works of art!




These look like they should be in the pages of Lula.


rustlethepetals said...

I ADORE these! I'm definitely not a headband or hat person, but I would wear these in a heartbeat!

N said...

They're absolutely beautiful! I'm going to go pick one up! Thank you for sharing her with us. :)

Natalie xx

Andi B. Goode said...

They certainly are enchanting!
-Andi x

the exhausted etiquette (kirstine) said...

I saw these a while back and I just can't get over the orange butterfly
hair comb. One day I WILL buy one, haha!


Catherine Shu said...

I love Which Goose! If it weren't for the fact I lived in Taiwan and am not sure if a crown would survive shipping here/Taiwan's crazy humidity, I'd be all over them. She's so talented and creative!
The Renegade Bean

lovelylovisa said...

I did a post about whichgoose a while ago when I bought some of her head pieces for a wedding I was attending!! I love the head pieces...like you said they remind me of when I used to tie daisies on my head!! i'm looking forward to buying some autumn theme head pieces when I get some money! xx

Meaghan Kelly said...

oh wow i had never seen her shop! i'm so glad you posted this! you're totally right, a good head/hair accessory makes all the difference. I can only imagine that you saying that her items make it possible to befriend fairies will be one of the greatest reviews of all! :D at least it would be for me!

Aline said...

she is one of my very favorites!

sarah said...

Oh, I just love Emily's crowns! She designed my wedding crown, and I did indeed feel like a Victorian fairy. She's a very talented lady! :)

VintageGoa said...

i'm waiting for the october issue of lulla mag. and now i'm even more excited about it.
your blog is such a beautiful place to be and you are trully lovely lady.

Toosdai said...

those are lovely, thanks for sharing! and i love the bridesmaid idea!