Lookout list.

When I want something I won't settle for anything less than exactly what I want. For years I searched for carmel brown, lace up, no zipper, low heel, knee high, affordable boots. And last winter I found exactly that. I have a long list of things I am always searching for, but am in no hurry. I frequent shops and am a vintage dealer, so eventually I will find exactly what I am looking for, no exceptions for anything less. Here's a few fun things that may take years of searching (and a small fortune).
Above is a New Look Christian Dior suit designed by the man himself. The structure is spectacular. The second image is of some simple 1930s suits, I think the skirts are my favorite aspect of them.

Here is the most perfect 1930s coat from Contentment Farm. 1930s wool coats in this slim style are impossible to find, in the past few months I have found a total of two. Yes, two. When I saw this one I nearly cried. It's my size, brown, has a button up or down collar, and its trimmed in leopard fur! Now if only there was a matching accessory, like a muff or a purse....oh wait. There is. As perfect as it is the price is still unreachable (although it is a great price for such a stunning coat) and the seller was super nice.
The other image is of a 1930s knit suit from The Chawed Rosin. I adore knit dresses and suits, the suits are a great alternative to fabric suits as they have a soft appeal, a few people mentioned on yesterdays post that suits looked too harsh on them, so you may want to consider a knit suit if you still want the look without the hard lines. This suit looks perfect, I may just attempt to knit it. Haha! We'll just see how that goes.

Here are a couple of realistic wants, a fabulous pair of granny boots, and some driving gloves. These granny boots are from Vintage and More. I love the two tone leather, but they are not my size. You can find these pretty gloves here

Don't forget, it's the last day of the Half off sale!

That is all for now, what are you on the lookout for this season?


Josephine Frances said...

The Dior suit is so stunning! I saw some of those when I visited the golden age of couture exhibition earlier this year.
At the moment I am looking for the perfect bow shoes, with a lowish heel, in black, but I can never find any in my size!

Andi B. Goode said...

How divine it would be to own a Dior new look suit! sigh. I couldn't even afford Dior anything, let alone vintage Dior!!
There's a ton of things that I'm on the lookout for but darned if I can think of anything, right now! Oh, well, I'd love a gray full skirt and cropped jacket suit to wear with a little white blouse and skinny black tie or bowtie for the Buddy Holly musical I'm going to next week.
-Andi x

Vintage said...

I'm with you and the others on the Dior suit. Maybe one day...

Thanks for the nice words on the coat. Love your blog and your wedding photos are divine. Congratulations!

Twila Jean said...

My god, my want list is so long its out of control.
I think my main focus for winter is a pair of 40s heeled oxfords..

Only in my size. that would be nice. haha.

Meghan said...

Those granny boots are actually riding boots! This is not something i would have known before moving to Texas ten years ago, but if you really like the look, you might have better luck at some kind of equestrian place. for example: http://www.bootbarn.com/multiview/women/bootsshoes/western/packers/0/12/popular/All/All/All/All

Sydney B. said...

What a divine suit! Oh! just look at the lines on it! Vintage Dior (sigh)I love it! I know what you mean about having a list of things to do and lookout for. I have a notebook full of stuff! I call it my book of possibilities lol! I don't think it ever slims down either. The moment I cross something off the list, then here comes another thing to jot down lol!

Great Post!

Syd Divine

Toosdai said...

suits suits suits!

these posts are reflecting my life very interestingly. every year, around this time, i look for back to school outfits and trappings. for the first time in my life, i'm preparing myself for the professional world, the world of buying suits and being a suit.

so thank you for the inspiration, i've been at such a loss. and best of luck with your search!

avintagespirit (Lizzy) said...

That Dior suit is so gorgeous, everything about it is simply beautiful. Like you I have a long list of things I'm looking for, and I too won't settle for anything but exactly what I have in my head that I want!

reilly said...

I don't think anyone could blame you for wanting that suit!

Right now for fall I really want one (or a few) cute short-sleeved pin up style sweaters, a fabulous 30s skirt (probably not going to happen unless I make it!) and a few hats in colors I think are necessary to have for my wardrobe (green, navy, and brown!).

But I'm always looking for something! Good luck on your search!

Anonymous said...

I am always on the look-out for a number of things. My Mom is frequently mystified by my rejecting cloths because they are not quite what I was looking for (it's lovely but the buttons/colour/collar/pockets etc aren't right).

Mind you, there is nothing quite like finding the perfect items after months or years picturing them in your mind.

I am forever on the prowl for the perfect saddle shoes, seafoam blue kelly bag and thin red belt (just the right red and just the right width of couse..)

Angel said...

That Dior Suit is amazing!!!

That man was a genius.

ELM said...

Love those boots! I'm also looking for some short boots with buttons on them, wide-legged tweed pants, and sweaters with a close, boob-hugging fit to wear with trumpet-hem skirts.

Casey Maura said...

Oh wow--these are definitely worth waiting for and searching high and low! I think I would faint if I found a Dior suit though... lol!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who will spend literally years looking for something particular. Everyone (friends and family) think I'm nuts and far too picky. But some things are worth the wait, rather than just making do. ;)

- Casey

jasmine.kadabra said...

http://www.justinbootstore.com/order/justin/l0506.htm i have these shoes and they are amazing! i found them at a thrift store in perfect condition for about 6 bucks but you can ebay them for a pretty good price. i think they also come in a brown that ages beautifully.

Katrina said...

Can you tell us more about the knee-high, no zipper boots? I've been looking for ages, but all the high boots have that tacky zipper (as well as laces).

Solanah said...

Karina here they are :)