...and the heat goes on...

Summer still lingers, with hints of Autumn only in the fruit fallen from the trees and cool breeze at night.

Today I read a bit more of "Making the Most of Your Looks", and was really delighted at the amount of hat advice given. People always ask about the right hats for their face, and now I can make a much better judgement. I am working on a series of hat posts, they will probably consist of: How to wear hats according to decade, how to wear hats for your face shape and features, proper use of hat pins, and care and storage of hats. Sound good? Let me know if I'm leaving out anything, or if you have a specific question. Today at work (I work at a vintage store for new readers), a girl tried on a pretty red felt 40s hat, very simple with average crown and medium brim. She put it on the back of her head, looked at it, and took it off. This happened a few times, and I could tell she really liked it, but wasn't quite loving how it looked on her. So I said "that looks really cute, but can I make an adjustment?" "Oh sure" she said. So I pulled it forward, tilted it to the side, and turned part of the brim up. She looked in the mirror and went "Oh wow! I'll take it!"

Here's a bit of what inspired me:

"Do not just put your hat on. Wear it with an air.
Wear it with dignity, or with amusement or allure.
But do not, I beg of you, merely wear it!"

What went on this week:

1. Today on Daddy Likey, the immensely entertaining Winona featured a pic I sent in for the weekly Don't Show-cha Your Chocha. If you've never read it before, then you are missing out, her whole blog is hilarious.

2. I was asked for the fifth time: "Is your hair real?" ...Inappropriate but tempting response: "Are your boobs real?"
Its the same level of rudeness.

3. I bought this to frame and hand up in my hat room. Two of my favorite things, cats and hats.


Sirens Sexy said...

I am looking forward to the hat posts! You have inspired me to start searching for hats, as you always look so cute in them! I bought one, but I am still unsure of what to pair it with as I feel that it may be inappropriate.

Maybe you could also note types of hats go with what decade,maybe "brands" of hats to look out for, and how to know if the hat is vintage?

mygrandmalucy said...

You've definitely got the air, Solanah. Can you speak to how to best wear hats with bangs?? After years and years of being bangless...I had Bettie bangs cut. Mine are very similar to yours. You know what I'd REALLY love??!! If you'd take a couple readers pictures and do some custom hat style suggestions for us!

Unknown said...

Next time someone asks if your hair is real you should politely respond,"It is a very good thing for you that I'm not a cancer patient, isn't it?" then smile sweetly.

I have one question about hat storage: what kind of hat must be stored on a stand and when is it ok to put one in a box? I find it hard to tell.

40sfemme said...

Oooh! Looking forward to it!
Any tips for how hair can be worn underneath hats? I always feel like I have to choose vintage hats or hair.


Erika said...

I'm really looking forward to the hat posts, they seem very interesting! Basically everything I've wondered about hats. =)
I'm not sure this is possible to answer, but I was also wondering about the differences between hats one only wears outdoors and hats that stay on while one is for example at a café. Some hats are obviously in the first group, but what types of hats can stay on indoors?

Rose said...

Lovely photo!
It sounds like you are a fabulous sales lady :) and you know your vintage style so well.
I get asked all the time 'is your hair natural?' i think it is not intended to be rude, they must just think your hair is too gorgeous to be real, if you know what i mean. You always do such a great job with your hair!


Andi B. Goode said...

The hat posts sound great! I can't think of any questions in particular. Unless you have any tips on how to store them safely when you have limited storage space? Mine are all stacked in the top of my wardrobe, which is rather terrible.
I can't believe people ask you if your hair is real!
-Andi x

Sandra said...

Oh, your love of hats makes me regret that i have dreads! Maybe I could try wearing a smaller hat and just keep it on with a pin? Oh, and about your 'is that your real hair thing'- I get that ALL the time! Mostly from guys, though, but your reply is really worth trying when I girl will ask me next :P
That postcard is absolutely adorable!Fluffy catz rule ^_^

GPROA said...

That *is* a marvelous quote. And haha, oh gee, "is your hair real". I was asked that twice in one night before, though the wording was actually "is that a wig?". I was dressed as Velma from Scooby-Doo, but even so. YES it is my hair! Blimey!

Thick brunette bob solidarity. *fustbump*

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like everyone else has some questions about hats too! I suppose I might stop the lurking and spit mine out.

Well, I have hair that is really thick, and about mid back length (goes just beyond the bottom of my shoulder blades in the back and in the front about right under the bust)and strawberry blonde. I was wondering if there might be certain styles of vintage hats that are better for such long hair or if I am am forever doomed to wear it in a tight little bun at the nape of my neck?!

I must confess that I hope it gets cooler soon so we can see what you and all the other vintage-blog-girls (that is my loving nickname for you and a few others when I speak of your blog to my mother) have in mind for fall fashion.

Thank you for always sharing such beautiful pictures and little moments of your life. They are an inspiration to me.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for your post on hat pins. I recently got hold of some but not having used them ever before I could really do with some guidance.

I'd like to see the face of the person who asks stupid questions about your hair when one time you can't resist the boob query.

Don't hold back, they've clearly got it coming! :-)

AlicePleasance said...

Can't wait for the hat posts!!!

Miriam Parkman said...

I just love your style Solanah.
It's so true, so authentic and so great, but still playful and surprising. Just as it should be!
And your love for hats just makes it better... and get's me more and more envy for each new fantastic outfit;)

It is a bit hard to find real nice hats in Sweden, at least from where I come from. It's mostly just black hats, because that's what people could afford. But, since I've moved to Stockholm now I'm hoping for more colourful finds... ;)

Witchcrafted Life said...

What a spectacularly beautiful and entirely captivating photos. The varying intensities of light paired with your head-over-the-shoulder pose make for a truly wonderful image.

Oodles of hugs,
♥ Jessica

Meaghan Kelly said...

wow do people really ask you that about your hair? that is so incredibly rude! i think next time you should really turn around and use your imagined response! :P
i'm really looking forward to those hat tutorials, I'm usually the girl in the vintage shop trying on pretty hats that i really like in probably the worst way!

Casey Maura said...

I'm so, so looking forward to your series of hat posts! :) I cannot wait to read them. I really need to pull mine out and play around with various ways of wearing them; I think half the time I just get scared that I'll be wearing it wrong. lol!

- Casey

Malayka said...

Ooo can't wait to read more about these hat posts!