This weekend I've mainly been doing housework and such, hence the absence from blogging and listings. Yesterday my mother and I went to the Hawthorne area and traded clothes at The Buffalo Exchange and The Red Light. We got $170 in trade between the two! Needless to say we shopped until we ran out of credit, I got a fabulous green 40s suit that fits like a glove and a pretty mustard yellow 50s dress among other things. I did get a couple of cute dresses for my shop, there will be fall items going up this week! I'm excited because I've saved some neat things all year just itching to list them at the right time.
It feels so much like fall right now, but living in the North West means really odd weather during this transitional time from summer to fall. We can have all four seasons in one hour, today it would be warm and sunny one minute, pour rain the next, then five minutes after that wind would blow like crazy, and last the sun would shine through clouds with a light sprinkle. It's very difficult to dress for!
But I did get to wear my (other) new 40s suit I got at The Buffalo Exchange the other week, along with my little mouse pin. Isn't it cute?

The Dinosaur was at the restaurant "Laughing Planet" a local place that served yummy burritos and such. The Dino lives in Portland so he is Vegan ;)

Today was just about the slowest day at work (thanks to unpredictable weather) but after, my friend Ian and I did hop over to Powelles books where I found such a treasure! A book on "Making the Most of Your Looks" from 1935! It has everything from dressing for your body type, care for clothing, and even lots of hat advice, yay! I'll be sure to write some interesting things from it on Vixen Vintage, it's just too good not to share.

Oh yeah and there's a snail. Just because.

1st photo

Suit: Buffalo Exchange

Brooch: The Urban Eccentric

Purse: Thrifted

Hat: No idea, it's kind of always been in my collection...

2nd photo

Dress: Alberta Street Fair

Purse and cashmere cardigan: Thrifted

Just something (else) random: Shoes I traded at The Red Light made it on their Deals of the Week.


Sirens Sexy said...

I LOVE that lil mouse pin! So cute :)

Kelley Anne said...

Great suit and pin! And I love the outfit you're wearing holding your new book. What a fantastic find as well. Sounds like a great day yesterday.

GPROA said...

I am so jellis of your suits.

Twila Jean said...

I cant wait to see the green suit, I think it might be the one I almost bought! damn being poor!!!. oh well.. you always look so much better in vintage anyway. you are cute as a fricken button.

I got a new pattern coming in the mail, sewing date sooon :)

reilly said...

I love both outfits! I'm jealous you can wear a sweater, even if your weather is having little temper tantrums!

Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

I love that suit and the mouse pin is adorable!!

Toosdai said...

i've been looking for a vintage suit for interviews. they all looked too boxy on the top, and too tight on the bottom. but yours looks super-snappy!

and do share some of the tidbits from "making the most of your looks", please!

Unknown said...

Love the haircut! Usually I get a pixie cut every fall- but I'm trying to grow mine out. (It's already at my shoulders!) Those lovely hair salons are very tempting though.

emma wallace said...

You look marvelous! I can't wait until you divulge some of your newfound secrets on making the most of our looks!

I'm also so glad to have found your blog! It's delightful!

mygrandmalucy said...

I'd love to hear the advice on hats from that book. You are rockin' that 40's suit.