A few simple 1940s hairstyles.

So I'm not really up with my generation as far as youtube goes. I'm not always watching the latest and most popular video. My friends know if they send me something chances are I wont watch it (aside from the occasional funny cat video). But today I googled "1940s hair" to try and get some styling tips for Thanksgiving and was suprised to find a few youtube videos listed as tutorials. Since I am a monkey see monkey do kind of girl I gave a few videos a try and found a couple that inspired me. "Victory curls in under 5 min" is a great way to do your hair in those upswept tubular curls in a very short time, but would be better suited for costume purposes than what I would use for everyday wear.
The Pin up updo is something I experimented with today, and it was so easy and quick, with such dramatic and authentic results.
I was lucky enough when I had a bob to have a natural perfect fingerwave, so as my hair gets longer I'm having to actually style it so I dont look like a madwoman. With a fair amount of hairspray and bobby pins the second technique held up very well, pictures of that soon.

*coming this weekend*
Some more "New looking vintage" and a way to fill that lovely vintage compact with pressed powder so you can actually use it! And if you dont have one yet, once you see how its done you'll want to get one, just to looks so cute while powdering your nose :)


Kim Caro said...

o my...i need to learn but these hair dos...beauty school drop out right here lol

Solanah said...

Oh I always wanted to say that since I saw grease, so I could sing the song with meaning.

Now I just say "fashion school dropout" :)

BaldyLocks said...

You find such fun stuff here. The vintage hairdo's are great. I'm going to try them right out.

Nosideup said...

Oh... I love this hairdos!

Vanessa said...

this looks awesome!
i highly doubt my hair will cooperate though! :(