I want to wear bow ties

I love vintage bow ties. Love 'em.
So when bought a bunch in my trip to California, I wore them in my hair, but they never stayed in very well, however looked really cute. So when I got back home I disected them, and rebuilt them with clips glued and sewn in. Voila!

Instant adorable.


Anonymous said...

Cool beans, that's exactly what I do when I see something, whether it's meant to be worn in my hair or not... I have my glue, wiring, and whatever else I need to piece things onto a barrette clip and voila! I love the pic of you looking off to the side with the polka dot hair bow. Very "google eyed kewpie doll". I collect google-eyed kewpies, so this image, naturally stands out to me! Love your kewpie look! :)

Hugs and love,

Solanah said...

Well now you get to dress up all you want ;)


Kim Caro said...

super cute!