New looking vintage, part 2.

I'm a fan of two opposites, full petticoat skirts, and hip hugging pencil skits. It can be difficult to find full skirts, but even more so to find that perfect pencil skirt.

Problem solved!

While checking one of my favorite blogs today, Behind the Curtain, I saw a post about an adorable website where you can actually build your own pencil skirt, and have it made especially for you! Sophistikitten is a website that began as a place to get 1930s style french knickers , and all items are made to order, not in a sweat shop.

On the skirt you can choose details such as buttons, belt loops, arrowheads (I love those), pleats, and more.

So if you are searching for that perfect pencil skirt (Which everyone does at some point in their life) then have a look around here before getting frustrated, you'll love it!


Anonymous said...

Um, schweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet... Lurves ya, and your style, girl... Hugs from the south!

Kim Caro said...

well aint that dandy!