Today I was featured on the Frosting Couture blog, and thought it would be the perfect time to share her shop too!
Frosting Couture is a shop on Etsy full of lush and luxurious items such as detailed floral headbands, adorable appliqued caps, felt and jeweled tiaras, and the most beautiful baby shoes you've ever seen, you'll want to squeeze into a pair yourself. Frosting Couture is that little reminder for everyone, to always indulge in the rich and sweet. This is a culture I'd want to be a part of :)


*jemima* said...

Its all so prettiful! x

Anonymous said...

Girl, good on you! It doesn't take an intellectual leap to know you've got it. You are a jewel. Magnificent, rare, and faceted. I am happy to know such a gem in you. Good work! I look forward to more of you!

Kim Caro said...

she has awesome items