Big hats are lovely.

I really don't usually wear large brimmed hats in the winter, just in the summer, but decided to try this old one out, and loved the way it looked with boots, plus the long feathers are really dramatic.

Instead of tucking in the blouse, I just belted it.

Close-up of the shirt. Fish!

Braids down the sides of the boots make them extra cool.

Blouse-Buffalo Exchange.
Skirt-Discovery shop.
Hat-So old I don't remember.
Boots-The Urban Eccentric
Tights-T.J Maxx


C. Louis Wolfe said...

Cool blog-cool clothes-you've got a GREAT look too! Those are some beautiful engagement pics-congrats & Happy New Year!

Kim Caro said...

very cute :)

SusiePrue said...

i love that hat! i'm in a feather phase with my crafting and just ordered a bunch more. i glued fruit to most of my big floppy hats last year but maybe it's time to re-do them with feathers...

Anonymous said...

I love wide-brimmed hats! Here is a pic of me wearing one of mine: http://blog.marketpublique.com/search/who+the+hell

I think I need to add some feathers to it, or at least a ribbon!

Jessica said...

Beautiful, beautiful hat!!!