Elizabeth Bennet.

I'm a huge Jane Austen fan. I still haven't read all of her books (I'm a terribly slow reader) but my favorite book in the world is "Pride and Prejudice". I won the book in 9th grade from a school library contest, and while It was a challenging read, I enjoyed it and re read it again and again until I could fully appreciate it. Of course I've seen the BBC version, and watch it every now and then, as well as the most recent film with Keira Knightley. I also have the British Bollywood version "Bride and Prejudice" which is pretty funny, and oh so colorful. And seen a clip of the 1940s (?) version, but the wrong costume era bothered me, I'm just picky like that. But back to Keira Knightley. She wears dresses in the film that are very simple and sweet, made of wonderful cottons and linens. I really wanted a dress like that, something unfussy and earthy, something that would wear well and be flattering without cinching in my waist and bunching at my hips. Such a dress I would make myself. When I worked at a fabric store I came across a costume pattern, based off of the dresses in the most recent film, and decided that I could use this as a base and alter it to better flatter me and be a higher quality.

I also decided I would do every stitch my hand. Which is why it has taken me over a year to finish the bodice alone. For the skirt I'll be just doing something gathered, maybe with pockets, and make it shorter than an original dress from the era. But I am taking every stitch very carefully, and if I don't like it I take it out, and put it away for a time when I have more patience. Hopefully by spring I can finish it and have a pretty new dress I made myself :)
Which Goose has a poll going to see who likes what Mr. Darcy better, which is what reminded me of my project.


Lisa Sofia said...

Wow! I can't believe you are making totally by hand! That is completely fantastic! I'm excited to see the finished dress. You are multi-talented, girl!

Unknown said...

the A&E 1995 version is the best by far!!! one of my favourite movies of all time. but be warned, it is very long:)