Spring is not here.

Adorable spring dress from Dewberry Vintage

I think maybe having such sunny weather lately has made me wish it were spring much sooner than I usually do. I kind of feel like a flower bulb. The sun is shining bright, the air is fresh, and I want to surface from all these layers and bask in the light. Once I get out there, its still freezing cold and the plants are still dead and bare.
I want to pull out all my suitcases from storage and trade the sweaters and wool skirts for cotton dresses and and circle skirts. I cant even remember everything I packed away, but then when I open up the cases it's like seeing the clothes with a new appreciation. But I still have moths to go, so I guess I'll need to find new ways to mix up my winter wardrobe. Anyone have any suggestions?


Kim Caro said...


youre in my treaury

Anonymous said...

So cute!