Where did Alex go?

Today Nylon posted photos of Alexander Mcqueen's upcoming line for Target. Now. I've always been a quite a fan of his work, always so different, eccentric, and tailored to fit a woman's curves. E few years ago there was even some controversy over his choice of adding structured padding to make the designs seem more curvy and voluptuous, an obvious metaphor on today's shapeless models. For that I liked him even more.

Two lovely ladies in beautiful frothy jeweled dresses.

Why yes, I do want that hat.

If Elton John were in the military.

So you see, absoulutly crazy beautiful. Even in his lackluster seasons, he never failed in originality, and intense detail.

I was quite excited for his Target line. I knew it would not be near as spectacular as couture, but it would still have that lovely Alexander McQeen essence. Apperantly, I expected too much.

This makes me tilt my head to the right and furrow my brow.

Cropped leg jumpsuit. Awww yeah! (No. Really, no.)

It's like one of those slings you put a baby in, only...its missing the baby.

Remember what I said about that wonderful womanly tailoring?

As you can see these pretty much suck. The designs have nothing great to offer, they look cheap and so trendy, they are in and already out of style with the blink of an eye. And to top it off, the models are boys in some sort of robot high heels.

Alex? Where did you go?


Kim Caro said...

the pop world means this designer had to drop his/her standard to every day life...isnt 80s in? i dont know... i have a terrible time shopping these days... i hate shopping actually.... look what i have to deal with!


...will those booties be part of the collection?..I'll take those.

Solanah said...

Yeah, looks pretty 80s to me. I see why you do :)

Solanah said...

I'm actually not sure, I've never seen any of the featured designers do shoes, but maybe this time there will be, since its a pretty major one.

The Church of Vintage said...

I like the idea of the philathropic designer, you know throwing a cheapy line out for us financially challenged fashionistas, buy I really wish they would just stick to doing lines for H&M, they seem to uphold the essence of the designer. I have not liked any of the designer lines Target has rented merchandising rights to....except the on staff Mizrahi, he does make really cute vintage inspired items.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! It does look like a baby sling!
Not very impressive. Looks like most were copied out of a 1985 Vogue magazine or something.

Anonymous said...

The items on this post were beautiful.
Just saying though: You made a little mistake in the first sentence you said "like" instead of new "line." :)

Solanah said...

Thanks Morena :)

Anonymous said...

Well, this has nothing to do with the Alexander Mcqueen we're used too...it's the complete oposite really..

Anonymous said...

I was so hopeful as well. What a disappointment.

Twila Jean said...

:\ that is the worst thing I have seen in a target in a long time. and thats saying something, because target is usually in a sad state anyway.
? :\

Anonymous said...

you're totally right. Nothing about the target designs say "McQueen" to me.

Either way, the Target lines always disappoint me because even though very few items actually look cute in photos (emphasis on 'very few'), the fabrics they use are utter crap.

I agree with Polyxenie, H&M does it a bit better.

Lisa Norman said...

I'm totally disappointed too, and the model in the jumpsuit (did I really just type jumpsuit?) looks like the male love child of Brendan Fraser and David Bowie.

Lauren said...

yes those last designs make me cringe.