Lovely sets.

Flirty set from tawnillia

I love things that match. In old magazines, and catalogues, I see outfits with matching gloves, belt, purse, hat, shoe clips, maybe a collar. Over the years people have decided that they only want the belt, and toss the rest, or maybe just the purse and belt, once hats went out of style. Appreciators of vintage know how wonderful it is to find two things that match, which can be rare and exciting. It's almost maddening when I see two matching items with different price tags, with the logic that they can make more money separately, and appeal to the person who wants one specific item, and not the other. But really, it's devaluing the item. It would be like cutting a dress in half. Yeah, you can wear the top with a skirt, and that may be great, but really you want the entire dress. The entire dress is a much better investment than half a dress. Same with sets. Please. Don't break up sets. I love things that match. Don't you ?

Stunning gold set from vintagegoodness.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and no... Honestly, I love mixing things up unexpectedly. It's creative and fun. You know, a victorian boddess with a pencil skirt from the 50's. Then a pair of ankle boots from the 80's. And maybe some rhinestone jewels from the 40's.

But I get your point though. As a collector, yes, matching things good! But as my own fashion plate, I love to mix it up... :)

Q's Daydream said...

Things that match are a dream! I love those shoes and the bag, so cute! :o)

Sparkleneely said...


I've been enjoying your blog so much! I worked in a vintage store for many years and have just been loving reading about all your finds (OMG, your wedding dress) and fabulous clothes and accessories.

And when I saw this post I laughed -- I have those shoes, and had no idea there was a purse. Too funny!

Anyway, I love your blog -- thank you!

Solanah said...

Aw thank you thats so sweet :)

I just love those shoes, too cute!

Thanks for reading!