Officers Row

Today Sam and I went to Officers Row to look at one of the historic houses for a wedding venue. Always so charming, each and every house on the row. A friend of mine lived on the row over the summer, and we got to hang around and walk the grounds, all very pretty year round. Of course we loved it, and it was a beautiful day to imagine a wedding in the summer :)

I got these shoes at work yesterday, aren't they sweet? So 1920s, but the label is in another language, and I cant tell where they're from, but they are very comfortable.

Sam sitting near a bright window, and a cool couch.

Coat-Somewhere in New York

Hat and Shoes-The Urban Eccentric

Stockings-Sock Dreams

Skirt-Discovery shop


Joshua Jessup said...

you're totally getting married there.

Solanah said...


Q's Daydream said...

such a beautiful place! ;O)

Anonymous said...

Officers Row... an old military installation, I'm taking it? Whatever the case, how decadent! Will it be your marriage vow venue? WOW. How splendid, but how you!

Love your look today. Very Annie Hall meets Clara Bow. :o) Exactly how I work vintage... smash it all together. :o)

Solanah said...

Yep, pretty much where the officers lived. And yes, we'll be having the ceremony and the reception there :)