Borrowed Stetson

Nothing helps a bad hair day like Sams Stetson and red lipstick. Also here's the jacket I monogramed, instructions can be found below. As well as monograming it, I also replaced the plastic buttons with some golden metal ones, buttons makes such a difference.

Jacket-The bins.

Skirt and pin-The Urban Eccentric

Shoes and gloves-Discovery shop.

Tights-T.J. Maxx

Hat-Got it for Sam at a rummage sale


Kim Caro said...

haha cute.

lauren said...

Can you tell me, what are "the bins"??

Solanah said...

Hello lauren :)

The bins are a branch of Goodwill that is actually called the Goodwill outlets, but called the bins by shoppers becuase its basically a warehouse where they dump big bins full of donations, so you can dig through and find stuff. Thats where I get a lot of my vintage, and the great thing is, you pay by the pound. The not so great thing is, you never know what you will find...

Twila Jean said...

I love that jacket. green is my FAVVVVORITE color.

and in response to getting our hair did. yes, the old ladies are too fun. they are the only old time salon in town left.

but, I am also getting pretty awesome at forming vintage styles, and I am pretty good at pin-curling so you know, If you ever need your hair did, I can help.
(i hate doing the back of my hair UGH!)

Solanah said...

Oooo sounds fun, lets go, my hair is desperate for some prettieness. I haven't tried pin curls yet, and yours always look so cute! Two adorable babies and you still have better hair then girls who have all the time in the world. I think I might have too much for pin curls, but who knows. Sometimes I do rag curls, love those, but yeah, the back is tough, sometimes hats help cover that up :)