Modepass: Flair.

Modepass featured one of my photos in its online magazine, in an article about bob cuts (Insert Arrested Development line here). I am absolutely honored that they chose my photo from hundreds of others, and love the collection put together. They had me on the front page once, but I checked it too late to see. If this had happened a couple months ago I probably would have been inspired by the other girls and gone out to get my hair cut Amelie style. But as it happens, I'm going to grow it long-no matter what Sam says- and its just past that incredibly annoying point just at the shoulders: Too short to rest on them, and too long to stay off of them. If you're interested in how the bob started, check this rare article out.

Aaaand, I have new photos for my shop. Eventful week. Lisa is letting me use her photography studio for photos, so they look so nice! Hopefully I'll get her cool velvet green couch in the pictures next week ;)

*Here are a couple past hairstyles, it was actually a bit shorter once, but I couldn't find a photo.


Kim Caro said...

wow cool! how short have you cut your hair before... whats the shortest?

Kim Caro said...

cool Solana! I love your hair short...but i can see why you want it long now...it look so good righ t now! I am going very short as soon as i am able to...cant wait! I have had very short hair since 1999. i cant ever get it past what it is now ...right above my shoulder.

I have naturally curly hair it used to be really long i would share photos but im kinda embarrased lol

maybe i will get brave

Solanah said...

Thanks for the encouragement:)

I'd never guess your hair naturally curly, but you should share!

And I know, its that cursed shoulder point that is so difficult.

Rhiannon said...

Aww, I love your hair!! You have the most fantastic vintage-y sort of hair--1940s-ish without being costume-y! I'm sure it will be even lovelier long.

I'm sort of in the same place . .. I keep trimming my hair but I feel like growing it out a little at the same time.

Solanah said...

Thanks Rhiannan :)

Well yours looks great either way, I especially love the wildish wavy layers, I'm in desperate need of a trim, maybe I'll ask for your sort of layering, only longer.

Claire said...

Hey, nice blog. You must have a famous head of hair!
Don't think anyone has published my hair anywhere.

I have had a bob and let it grow out only to go back again to short hair. Here in Oregon the rain bogs hair down.

Lovely etsy shop and thanks for hearting my vintage perfume brooch.

Claire at http://heartspace.etsy.com

Anonymous said...

You were a blonde?! Get outta town. I love the last pic of you. That is seriously sweet and adorable.

I love the photo studio too. Interesting look it lends to your pics. Stark, and yet, not so...

Muy, muy bonita, linda!

Anonymous said...

P.S. What the deuce is "modepass"?

I'm an internet dunce, apparently.

Solanah said...

Thanks Darlene, I'm not sure what the little muscle man is about...

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