Thrift store finds...

Today I stopped in the local thrift store before work and came across some wonderful finds for my shop. Among them a tea tray with antique silk trim set under glass, a Henri Bendel beaded clutch, and a Fredrick and Nelson clutch. Someone must have had a fabulous designer bag collection.

This is I think the most beautiful beaded clutch I've ever come across, and it's by Henri Bendel. If anyone has an idea of the value, let me know :)

Your average 60s sequin clutch, and an adorable heart bracelet.

The tray has strips of wide silk trim under the glass. Very beautiful and looks around 100 years old, but I cant be sure. For such fragile silk I'm surprised its held shape and color, but under a glass seems like a fine preservation.

All except the tea tray will be in my shop, and I'm going thrifting tomorrow, so cross your fingers I find all sorts of goodies!


Unknown said...

What a score! I only wish the thrift shops in Australia were as good as the ones back home there!
btw Hi! I'm Christine, originally from Atlanta. Love your blog! :)

Kim Caro said...

very awesome