Funny words.

Vintage paper words

A few years ago I began a mental list of words that made me laugh or cringe. Once I made this known, people began speaking up, saying "Hey, I don't like that word either." and possibly starting their own unpleasant word list. So here it is, the bad word list, with some good ones for a positive note :)

(First three words make up the worst sentence ever)

1. Moist-This is the word that almost everyone I know dislikes. It's uncomfortable for your mouth to say. But, I will find myself saying it once in a while, because there is rarely an alternative to "Yum, this cake is nice and moist." You cant really say damp, or dewy, it pretty much has to be moist. It weeds it's way into my vocabulary, therefore I hate it all the more.

2. Bargain-In my little thrift store hopping world, I hear this constantly. Unlike moist there are other alternatives. Like moist, its uncomfortable for your mouth to say. There is no attractive way to say bargain.

3. Panties-Such an odd word for a grown person to say.

4. Ma'am-At work every now and then, someone will call me "Ma'am". I'm 19 years old. Now, when you are a middle aged mother of three, calling a person half your age "Ma'am" is socially inappropriate and insulting. Even when I am 90 years old, if you call me "Ma'am" I will punch you in the face, and you wont be able to do anything about it, since I'll blame it on being senile.

5. Artsy-When I was in an art high school I dreaded telling people where I went because 90% of the time people would respond with "Ooooh, so you're artsy...".

6. Babe-is a pig.

Words I love.

1. Dame-or pretty much any word used in 30s gangster films. Dame, gams, dollface, clams, whatever. It's fun.

2. Flutter-The soft sound of a birds wings during flight. Such a pretty sound and such a pretty word.

3. Schedule-Really only good when a British person says it.

4. Cashmere-It sounds like it feels. And I cant help but elongate it, and say Caaaaashmere.

5. Portobello-I think I like it because it sounds Italian. Maybe it is Italian, what do I know.

6. Crimson-Explains the color beautifully.


Twila Jean said...

So, I know how you feel about the whole "ma'am" thing. Oh my.

But, on that note... you are 19?!??!
wow. I would have never guessed that ever. So, I guess we wont be getting cocktails in cocktail dresses anytime soon lol. I kid I kid, but wow, I thought you were the same age as me at least.

:) now I feel old.

Solanah said...

Haha, I'll bet at your shop you get ma'am too. I'll have to ask Chris her thoughts on it, and Jen, or maybe they just ignore it.

Yeah, almost 20, but still, not ma'am age. I swear, I rarely get miss, maybe its the old lady clothes, it throws people off :)

We're not that far apart, a couple years right?

Twila Jean said...

yeah we are pretty close, I am about to celebrate my 23rd annual birthday.

its funny with 2 kids, and being over 21, birthdays are kind of lame.

I am an old lady. I have kids. they make you feel a million years old. lol.

Dewberry Vintage said...

Dear lord miss Solanah. I do feel like a Ma'am now :( And what the heck are you doing getting married! Seriously Girl! no, No, NO!

Solanah said...

Ha! You'd have to meet him, he's a gem ;) And when I see something unique like that, I snatch it up before anyone else;)

Rhiannon said...

Ha ha, I love this. "Moist" is one of the worst. And "panties" always sounds sexist to me, I don't know why. It just reminds me of cheesy Victoria's Secret commercials.

Why on earth would someone call you ma'am? I agree--it's rude. I get mad when people say it to me, and I'm ancient compared to you. Seriously, one of the worst things about living in the South is that almost every woman gets called ma'am . . . . for some reason people think it's polite. Another southern word I hate is "buggie" for "shopping cart." The first time I heard it I was at a grocery store and a guy said "Can I get you a buggie, ma'am?" and i said, "What????!!!"

Solanah said...

See! Moist is the worst! Bleh.

Haha, yeah now that you mention it, it does remind me of those commercials, where the woman whispers what's on sale in a breathy british accent. But really it's just funny.

Oh yeah, living in the south just may drive me crazy solely for the ma'am thing.
I've never heard of it called a buggie, I can only imagine your face when that happened, how funny :)

daddylikeyblog said...

I've always had issues with the word "buffet." I want to gag when I say it. Great blog, by the way! I'm a fellow Portlander, so I love finding other local fashion bloggers!


I love the word "Fatty"...and now I jab it in any chance I get. Now it's just a term of endearment...like when I tell every one that my husband's new nick-name is...
"Quit-Your-Cryin-Fatty" !!!

It's all good. It's all love.
..and it always makes some one spit.

Anonymous said...

I got such a good laugh out of this! ;) "Ma'am" really bothers me too... I'm four years older than you, but it still doesn't really fit. I've noticed especially since I got married and have a wedding ring on that more people use it. :p Maybe it has something to do with living in the south too. lol.

Kim Caro said...

LOL great post solanah!

i wrote a song with the word fluttering

and sometimes i get called doll face

Anonymous said...

Panties is a totally lame word. So is tinkle.

Warmunky said...

Sorry but I'm joining the 19?!?! bandwagon...
All I can say is that you are truly an "old sole".
I always find something which tickles me when I check your blog.

Yes, I think tickles is a good word too. So is bandwagon, come to think of it...

Happy New Year!

Lauren said...

I really don't like the word 'moist' either. gross!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I can't stand the word Panties and I hate it when people call me Ma'am, my husband was in the Army so I was called Ma'am constantly by the soldiers....grrrr

Lisa Sofia said...

You make me giggle!

Eyeliah said...

Yes I have a friend who says number 3 and I tell her to stop calling them that!! And bargain and frugalista are awful. I could say cashmere all day long....

Unknown said...

I can't stand "artsy" either. My boyfriend calls me that all the time. I say "classic" all the time. For example, "Hey, Danielle the boss was talking about you and fell out her chair." My response "Classic." Eeh its sounds cooler than it reads and *clutch the pearls*, I'm old enough to be your mother (36) and I still don't like Ma'am. :)

April said...

love your blog...im your newest follower....